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18 Mart 1915′te kazanılan Çanakkale Deniz Savaşlarından sonra düşman orduları denizden aşamayacakları boğaza çıkartma yapmaya karar vermiştir. 25 Nisan 1915 tarihinde 7 farklı bölgeden Gelibolu yarımadasına çıkartma yapılmıştır. İşte bu çıkartma sırasında ölen Avustralya ve Yeni Zelanda askerleri 1934 yılından beri “Anzak Günü” adı altında bir törenle anılmaktadır.

Anzac günü,Avusturalyalılar ve Yeni Zellandalılar tarafından her yıl Nisan ayının 25 ‘i gecesi sabaha karşı 05:30′da Anzac Koyu’nda bir törenle anılırlar.Bu gün için binlerce Avustralyalı ve Yeni Zellandalı Çanakkale’ye gelerek ayine katılırlar.  Gallipoli Anzac Tours

Anzac Day Tour Turkey

yeniiAnzac Day Tour Turkey story of these two men – Annear and Reid – was to be repeated over and over again on 25 April 1915 as the Anzacs battled with determined Turkish resistance and attempts to drive them back into the sea. All told more than 620 Australians died that day, 57 of them from the 11th Battalion. They came from all over the vast state of Western Australia – from rural districts, country towns and city suburbs. Anzac Day Tours


Much can be learnt about the Anzacs from the detailed individual records kept in national archival collections such as those of the Australian War Memorial and the National Archives Australia. Anzac Day Tours Gallipoli Using these, Professor Peter Dennis of ADFA (Australian Defence Force Academy) has put together a database – First to Fall – containing the names of all the Anzacs killed on the first day at Gallipoli. The information in the database sheds some light on the personal stories of the Australians commemorated at Gallipoli and on local war memorials all over Australia. Anzac Day Tour Turkey


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tuerkei-kusadasiAnzac Day Tour Turkey  As guests filed ashore for their tours of Ephesus and The House Of The Virgin Mary, I continued my documentation, covering some more of the ship’s interior spaces. The Oklahoma Lounge still bore its original name, layout and plush furnishings. Even the Royal Caribbean-commissioned murals by Norwegian artist Jorleif Uthaug were still mounted on three sides of this comfortable, elegant cabaret venue. Anzac Day Tour Turkey


Satılık yazlık kuşadası With a continuing “no thanks” to friendly but persistent offers for taxi rides, souvenirs and rug viewings, I walked past the local shops to the Kusadasi waterfront where the LOUIS OLYMPIA was in full view.   Kuşadası satılık yazlık

anzac day tour turkey

With the coming of the Second World War, Anzac Day became a day on which to commemorate the lives of Australians and New Zealanders lost in that war as well and in anzac day tour turkey subsequent years. The meaning of the day has been further broadened to include those killed in all the military operations in which the countries have been involved. anzac day tour turkey

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