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Real Estate Kusadasi The Ephesus Theater was built in the reign of Nero in the years 54- 68. However, it was continuously altered by different emperors and kings who ruled after that as it was one of the major attractions in the area and held a lot of importance culturally.

winter-promotion-cappadocia-ephesus-pamukkale-4The Theater is so large that it can accommodate around 25000 people. It is built on the slope of Mount Panayir. The highest tier of seats is 60 km above the floor of the stage. One would wonder how the person sitting at the highest tier could watch the performers performing in the Ephesus Theater

The Ephesus Theater has lost most of its charm and of course, you can’t see the glorious decorations with which it was decorated. The seats were also used for other constructions in the country but still the major constructions of the Theater is preserved which makes it a major attraction in the area. Real Estate Kusadasi