Ephesus Tours From Kusadasi

winter-promotion-cappadocia-ephesus-pamukkale-4Ephesus Tours From Kusadasi Another great thing about some of the private Ephesus tours is that there are some places that are not included in the tours, but of the tourists have enough time, they could visit them. For instance, there are some companies that do not include the Terrace Houses in their private tours. However, with the availability of enough time, tourists can request to visit the terrace houses in the city. These houses are situated in the Bulbul Mountains. Opposite to the mountain is the Hadrian Temple, which is also a place to visit. The specialty of these terrace houses is that they were for the wealthy people of Ephesus, which means that not all could afford those houses.

There are always a number of places to visit in the tours. The private Ephesus tours include the places in the tours like the House of Virgin Mary, the Artemis Temple, which is one reason why many people visit Ephesus. Also there is the St Johns’ Church and many other architectures and ruins in the city. Ephesus Tours From Kusadasi