Ephesus Tours From İstanbul

Ephesus Tours From İstanbul My wife and I are planning a trip in Turkey arriving on 30 September 2013 and departing 25 October.

We are English-speaking Australians in our mid 50s and are looking for a tour at a relaxed pace, with 4 to 5 stays at key areas and then day trips from these areas. We would consider being part of a small group tour for a portion of the trip, perhaps along the Aegean coast. We like 3 or 4 star accommodation and prefer to stay in places with good natural light and views.

mayfield-diana-fatih-bridge-crossing-the-bosphorus-from-rumeli-hisari-fortress-istanbul-istanbul-turkeyFor travel between areas, we are open to considering bus or self drive car. In areas, locations without good transport, we are happy to hire a car to get around. Ephesus Tours From İstanbul

We like to do some touring on our own but have guides to show us through major historical attractions.

We are seeking a Turkish based travel agency who can arrange accommodation, tour guides and transport. Can you please review the itinerary below and advise what service you could offer to arrange our holiday. Ephesus Tours From İstanbul

Our preliminary thoughts on itinerary are as follows.

1) Arrive 30th sept – 5 nights –  apartment with separate single bedroom accommodation , preferable with basic self catering/kitchenette

Tour Istanbul 1,2,3,4 Oct

2) 5th oct – travel to Aegean cost /west cost area and stay for 6 nights. Apartment with separate single bedroom and with good views and good location to restaurants

Visit Troy, PergamumEphesus, Hierapolis and other regional attractions

3) 11th Oct. travel to Mediteranean coast  and stay 7 nights. House or apartment with good sea views and walking distance to beach.

Relax and do a small amount of touring to key attractions/places in the region possibly, Faralya, Oludeniz, KazAntalya

4) 18th October – To Cappadocia by plane from Mediterranean area. stay for 3 nights. Stay in upmarket cave accommodation Ephesus Tours From İstanbul

19,20, 21, Tour Cappadocia area.

5) 22 Oct. Travel to Istanbul – plane – 3 nights in small family hotel

23,24th oct. Istanbul and other day trips 25th depart Turkey.

Can you please advise service you can offer in arranging the above


Greg Vero