Ephesus Day Tour

Ephesus Day Tour The gate opened to Agora which was a very popular marketplace and a famous trade center in those times. Crossing the gate, you enter the Agora which is also worth seeing. It was a huge marketplace with shops lined up all over that place selling all kinds of manufactured goods. The agora was built in the first century BC. there was a water clock and a sundial placed in the middle of the agora.

ephesusThese places having a great historical significance are worth visiting and admiring Ephesus. The agora is now in ruins since it was destroyed by an earthquake but the gate is in very good condition and will inspire everyone with its great art and architecture.

just take a Private Ephesus Tours and enjoy the great historical site of Ephesus. The private tour guide will tell you about each site as tour visit. As an alternative, you can also go for an Ephesus shore excursion which is also equally exciting. Ephesus Day Tour