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gallipoli tours turkey 2016

gallipoli tours turkey 2016 Alas Dr Nelson has been beaten to the draw by the Bradford Exchange, which is now selling just the sort of things I had in mind. From it one can buy the ”Legend of Gallipoli watch” – on the back of which is inscribed the words ”Australia was born on the shores of Gallipoli”, which is news to me. anzac day tours 2016


A commemorative Gallipoli watch from The Bradford Exchange.
Only 1915 (Geddit?) copies of this $399.50 gizmo will be produced. Buying one will, apparently, ”pay tribute to our Gallipoli heroes and the birth of our national identity …
”The face is adorned with the heart-stirring image of John Simpson Kirkpatrick helping a wounded digger to safety, and the Rising Sun standing a  majestically above them.” gallipoli tours turkey 2016