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Boat Rental Turkey

Boat Rental Turkey Local shopkeepers chow down at the modest Avlu, serving home-cooked meals. Dine at Antepli for outstanding kebobs served on linen-topped tables. Fish eateries surrounding the port are overpriced, so try Cinar near the port or  perched on a hill — sea bass is a favorite. offers fish plus barbecue, served indoors or out. No need to tip, but 10-15% extra is appreciated at better restaurants. anzac day tour 2015


Luxury Lover

Fethiye Boat Cruise Indulge in a real Turkish massage at a hammam experience that suits Americans, such as the popular Kusadasi Belediye Hamami  or the The treatment includes being scrubbed with a loofah as well as being soaped and stroked as you lie on a marble slab. Bring your own flip-flops and, if modest, wear a bathing suit. Boat Rental Turkey