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Ephesus Shore Excursions from Kusadasi Port

We had a wonderful experience on our Ephesus Tours from Izmir with Joseph (Yusel) and Istanbul Tours in Istanbul for two days with Juli (Julideh). Both Ephesus Tours and Istanbul Tours are superb guides who strike the right balance of providing excellent information and giving us time to explore on our own and take pictures. Both were very supportive and provided excellent recommendations for lunch and dinner too. Significantly, they were flexible and responded to our needs and made the right choices so we could pack in as much sightseeing as possible in the limited time we had in both locations. They were also very patient in answering many questions about the history and culture of Turkey! Our drivers and the vehicles were also excellent and contributed to our enjoyment of the tours. Alix did a great job working with you to arrange these tours for groups from the Norwegian Jade.

In particular, we appreciated Joseph’s great sense of humour, good nature and balance. He responded all our Ephesus Tour questions and very patiently to our many enthusiastic questions throughout and remembered that one of the guests wanted baklava at lunch but didn’t get any so he stopped and got some for all of us on the way back. He helped us order lunch at a good restaurant in Sirince and made sure we picked local specialties. He knew instinctively to give us the right amount of information without obscuring the beauty of the surroundings with an overload of facts. We all had a great time.

Juli was also very patient and thorough in taking us through an exhausting array of sites. She demonstrated very detailed knowledge of history and answered all questions with aplomb. She guided us very competently through all the sites in a calm, confident and compassionate manner. We knew we were in good hands with Juli who taught through example which places were worth seeing and when and which deserved more time than others.

For cruise passengers, however, these are great Ephesus tours and Istanbul Tours which I think provided more varied and personable experiences than those offered by the cruise company (who, to be fair, are dealing with hundreds of people and have to stick to a prescribed itinerary and timeline). I thought the prices of these Ephesus Shore Excursions from Kusadasi Port and Istanbul Tours were very reasonable and the fact that payment is by credit card on the day of the tour is very helpful as it helps to maintain our cash and limits the risk of carrying large amounts of money.


ephesus shore excursions

The religious ephesus shore excursions history of ancient Ephesus was the subject of the webmaster’s thesis at Oxford (completed in June 2007), so this section is even more comprehensive than most – including the most detailed ephesus tours map of Ephesus on the Web! Excerpts ephesus tours from istanbul from the thesis are included among the background articles in this city guide – see the menu at left.

ephesus shore excursions

In Ephesus, ephesus shore excursions the works of art dug up between 1867-1905 were transported to the British Museum ; those from 1905-1923 ephesus tours taken to Vienna. Then Turkish Republic ephesus tours from istanbul forbade taking antiques out of the country and founded a museum in Selçuk near Ephesus.Its present form was given in 1983.

ephesus shore excursions

Temple of Isis. Her name ephesus shore excursions literally means “Queen of the throne”, which was portrayed by the emblem worn on her head, that of a throne. ephesus tours She is known as being the goddess of magic and healing. Ancient Egyptians believed that the Nile flooded every year because of her tears of ephesus tours from istanbul sorrow for her dead husband, Osiris. He was killed by her other evil brother, Set, god of chaos and destruction.

Ephesus Excursions

winter-promotion-cappadocia-ephesus-pamukkale-4Ephesus Excursions The more recently excavated, multi-level, Terrace Houses — dating from the 1st century B.C. — demonstrate how wealthy Ephesians lived in homes decorated with mosaics and vivid frescoes. The Ephesus Museum showcases statues of leaders and 50,000 works, including medical instruments and jewelry. Ephesus Full Day Tours


Kusadasi is a resort town for locals, and repeat visitors will find much of interest beyond Ephesus. The port, Scala Nuova, is right in town. Archaeology addicts find other excavated sites close by as well. Ephesus Private Tours Christian and Muslim pilgrims flock to the stone house where many believe the Virgin Mary stayed. You can also visit the Basilica of St. John, where the saint is buried.

Tip: At Ephesus, which has little shade, summer temperatures of 95-to-100-degrees Fahrenheit are typical, so be sure to wear hats, bring shade umbrellas and tote plenty of water. Be cautious about inexpensive tour guides advertised on the Internet. Be sure they’re recommended, as some have proven unreliable. Ephesus Excursions


Ephesus Day Tour

Ephesus Day Tour The gate opened to Agora which was a very popular marketplace and a famous trade center in those times. Crossing the gate, you enter the Agora which is also worth seeing. It was a huge marketplace with shops lined up all over that place selling all kinds of manufactured goods. The agora was built in the first century BC. there was a water clock and a sundial placed in the middle of the agora.

ephesusThese places having a great historical significance are worth visiting and admiring Ephesus. The agora is now in ruins since it was destroyed by an earthquake but the gate is in very good condition and will inspire everyone with its great art and architecture.

just take a Private Ephesus Tours and enjoy the great historical site of Ephesus. The private tour guide will tell you about each site as tour visit. As an alternative, you can also go for an Ephesus shore excursion which is also equally exciting. Ephesus Day Tour



Ephesus Shore Tours

Ephesus Shore Tours The stage was decorated with columns, relief, statues and niches. over the years, the stage was heightened to three storey levels which was accessible by ramps on the side. It was an outdoor theater and the audience could see the outdoor environment as well just like the theaters in those times.

It is definitely worth visiting. Take Private Ephesus Tours or the Ephesus shore excursions to visit this place and witness one of the wonders of the world which will take your breath away.


Although all the other historical monuments and artifacts are in ruins, you would find the gate of Mazaeus and Mithridates to be in very good condition as recently restoration work has been carried on it to restore it and prevent it from ruining.

Ephesus site is really worth seeing as it is the finest example of architecture of those ancient times. This gate was built in 3 BC and was dedicated to Augustus and Agrippa by two rich men, Mazaeus and Mithridates. This gate is entirely made of marble and it is really amazing to see such an ancient monument still preserved in good condition. Ephesus Shore Tours



Ephesus Tours From Kusadasi

winter-promotion-cappadocia-ephesus-pamukkale-4Ephesus Tours From Kusadasi Another great thing about some of the private Ephesus tours is that there are some places that are not included in the tours, but of the tourists have enough time, they could visit them. For instance, there are some companies that do not include the Terrace Houses in their private tours. However, with the availability of enough time, tourists can request to visit the terrace houses in the city. These houses are situated in the Bulbul Mountains. Opposite to the mountain is the Hadrian Temple, which is also a place to visit. The specialty of these terrace houses is that they were for the wealthy people of Ephesus, which means that not all could afford those houses.

There are always a number of places to visit in the tours. The private Ephesus tours include the places in the tours like the House of Virgin Mary, the Artemis Temple, which is one reason why many people visit Ephesus. Also there is the St Johns’ Church and many other architectures and ruins in the city. Ephesus Tours From Kusadasi