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Private Ephesus Tours Kusadasi Turkey

Ephesus Tours Kusadasi Turkey

We spent a winter at Ephesus when the ancient seaport was famous for its wealth and luxury. We only have half a day among its ruins, more than 2000 years later, but there’s plenty of evidence left to help us envision their toga’d life. At its peak Ephesus, or Efes, ruled first by Greeks and then Romans, was a seaport home to 250,000 people
Now it lies some eight kilometers inland, in ruins due to pestilence, fire and earthquakes, and is home only to the ubiquitous cats of Turkey. But the amphitheater, its marble streets, temples, library and even its toilets offer glimpses of its past. The very public toilets, carved holes in one long marble slab with no partitions, would have been pre-warmed for wealthy users by their slaves. A carving, believed to be the world’s oldest advertisement, shows the way to the local brothel.
The marble stones are deeply scored and scratched, presumably to prevent sandalled feet from slipping on the way to the shops or the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. For all you history and art buffs, Ephesus is just a few kilometers outside Selcuk, home to the Ephesus Museum and the smaller relics of the ancient site.
It’s a picturesque town with orange trees, sunny squares and carpet shops and there are plenty of other nearby sights to see, including the Basilica of St John the Apostle and a small stone chapel, believed to be where the Virgin Mary lived out her last days. We fell in love with nearby Sirence, an old Ottoman town. We reached it by winding up a valley past olive groves and citrus orchards to the steep streets of the village that has become famous for its olive oil, fruit wines and stunning views.
After our private Private Ephesus Tours Kusadasi Turkey we have our lunch in Artemis restaurant and wine house , a former school at the top of the village with stunning views and delicious food. The interesting menu can be found online. If anyone has ever tried the “cow pea of sea”, I’d like to know. We opted out.


ephesus shore excursions

On the southwest ephesus shore excursions corner of the State Agora there are the remains of a fountain. According to an inscription the magnificent construction ephesus tours of this fountain was ordered by Gaius Laecanius Bassus in 80-82 AD. The facade of this fountain constructed by Bassus, one ephesus tours from istanbul of the governor of Ephesus, was richly decorated, and consisted of two floors which faced the street.

ephesus shore excursions

The religious ephesus shore excursions history of ancient Ephesus was the subject of the webmaster’s thesis at Oxford (completed in June 2007), so this section is even more comprehensive than most – including the most detailed ephesus tours map of Ephesus on the Web! Excerpts ephesus tours from istanbul from the thesis are included among the background articles in this city guide – see the menu at left.

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Ephesus, a territory that ephesus tours from izmir was traditionally Greek to the core, became subject of the Roman Republic. The city felt at once the Roman ephesus tours from kusadasi influence. Taxes rose considerably, and the treasures of the city were systematically plundered. In 88 BC Ephesus welcomed Archelaus, ephesus tours istanbul a general of Mithridates the Great, king of Pontus, when he conquered Asia (the Roman name for western Asia Minor).

ephesus shore excursions

In Ephesus, ephesus shore excursions the works of art dug up between 1867-1905 were transported to the British Museum ; those from 1905-1923 ephesus tours taken to Vienna. Then Turkish Republic ephesus tours from istanbul forbade taking antiques out of the country and founded a museum in Selçuk near Ephesus.Its present form was given in 1983.

Shore Excursions Ephesus Turkey


Shore Excursions Ephesus Turkey At 5:00 AM, jet lag had switched me “on” and I was soon up and about, roaming the still sleeping ship. Staff were busy hosing down the decks, washing windows, vacuuming public rooms and getting the LOUIS OLYMPIA ready for the day. Out on the starboard Deck 7 promenade, I admired the freshly polished teak woodowork and caprails. I made several circuits as the lights of Asia Minor came into view. anzac day gallipoli tours

I watched from the forward portion of Deck 7 as we took on the pilot and made a gradual approach to Kusadasi,  Turkey Anzac Tour the popular Turkish stop for visits to the spectacular Roman ruins of Ephesus. Having been countless times since my first visit on the STELLA OCEANIS in 1992, it was a chance for me to take some photos of the LOUIS OLYMPIA and get some work done in the pierside internet center. Shore Excursions Ephesus Turkey

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winter-promotion-cappadocia-ephesus-pamukkale-4Ephesus Excursions The more recently excavated, multi-level, Terrace Houses — dating from the 1st century B.C. — demonstrate how wealthy Ephesians lived in homes decorated with mosaics and vivid frescoes. The Ephesus Museum showcases statues of leaders and 50,000 works, including medical instruments and jewelry. Ephesus Full Day Tours


Kusadasi is a resort town for locals, and repeat visitors will find much of interest beyond Ephesus. The port, Scala Nuova, is right in town. Archaeology addicts find other excavated sites close by as well. Ephesus Private Tours Christian and Muslim pilgrims flock to the stone house where many believe the Virgin Mary stayed. You can also visit the Basilica of St. John, where the saint is buried.

Tip: At Ephesus, which has little shade, summer temperatures of 95-to-100-degrees Fahrenheit are typical, so be sure to wear hats, bring shade umbrellas and tote plenty of water. Be cautious about inexpensive tour guides advertised on the Internet. Be sure they’re recommended, as some have proven unreliable. Ephesus Excursions


Ephesus Day Tour

Ephesus Day Tour The gate opened to Agora which was a very popular marketplace and a famous trade center in those times. Crossing the gate, you enter the Agora which is also worth seeing. It was a huge marketplace with shops lined up all over that place selling all kinds of manufactured goods. The agora was built in the first century BC. there was a water clock and a sundial placed in the middle of the agora.

ephesusThese places having a great historical significance are worth visiting and admiring Ephesus. The agora is now in ruins since it was destroyed by an earthquake but the gate is in very good condition and will inspire everyone with its great art and architecture.

just take a Private Ephesus Tours and enjoy the great historical site of Ephesus. The private tour guide will tell you about each site as tour visit. As an alternative, you can also go for an Ephesus shore excursion which is also equally exciting. Ephesus Day Tour



Ephesus Private Tours

EphesusCuretesStreetViewEphesus Private Tours If you are planning to make your next vacations at Ephesus, then you are making perfect decision. you could book your Ephesus shore excursions and Ephesus private tours beforehand. However, before doing the booking for the private tours, you need to have a bit of information about them, which you are going to find here. So, whichever of the Ephesus private tours companies you choose, you must know that they would start from the Kusadasi port. One of the tours include a visit to Miletus, which is also an ancient city. It was known to have a special importance in the ancient times, as it provided a trade route. being a highly populated city, it was also highly prosperous. After Miletus, the next place visited is Didyma. the name of this place has the meaning of ‘twins.’ The name was kept such, because this place is known to be a meeting ground for Leto and Zeus for their twins Artemis and Apollo. Yes, with the name of Artemis, you would know the Artemis Temple is also a place visited.

The best thing about getting private Ephesus tours is that the guide is always available to tell the tourists the significance of each and every place they visit. The Artemis Temple s one of the wonders of the world, and many people visit Ephesus specially because they want to see this wonder of the world. Included in the tour, there are also the ruins of Ephesus, and the Celcus Library, as well as the theatre. Ephesus culture can be seen from the museum and the library. Ephesus Private Tours