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Anzac Tours Turkey Hell, with stuff like that, people might think about the futility of war, the poor calibre of our political (and, often, military) leadership and the way that our national character was created in spite of, not because of, great effusions of blood – from Gallipoli to Afghanistan – to no military, strategic or political purpose.  Anzac Tours


Commemorative Gallipoli knife from The Bradford Exchange.
A man with Brendan Nelson’s taste in music should be able to manage paintings on velvet, or statues showing triumphant Diggers planting the Australian flag on the Achi Baba, made-in-China Bibles of the sort that might miraculously have stopped a .303 bullet, plastic replica shrapnel fragments, bandages of the type used to stanch bleeding, and hay of the sort fed to General Bridges’ horse. Anzac Tours 2015

He should be licensing McDonald’s for Anzac hamburgers and hot dogs, and Bradford Exchange for an array of brass figurines of future Australian political leaders – Menzies, say, or Curtin – as they were when Gallipoli was happening. We could have white feathers of the sort sent by anonymous ladies and brave domestic newspaper editors to people lacking the fortitude to be actually present at the great event. Anzac Tours Turkey