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Anzac Day Turkey Tours Chaplain William McKenzie, Salvation Army, recorded his first burial after arriving on Gallipoli: It was pleasing to be able to bury the Col.’s body [McKenzie did not specify who the Colonel was] the first night I was in the firing line and we buried him at 9 pm in an exposed position and for safety I had to kneel in a crouching position to conduct the service. He had been dead a fortnight.

ANZAC_-_Gallipoli_Print1st Australian Light Horse Brigade arrived during Turkish shelling at Anzac Cove, Gallipoli. These light horsemen came without their horses and were used as infantry in the trenches of Anzac, as were other light horsemen who arrived later.

MajorGeneral William Throsby Bridges, commander 1st Australian Division, was wounded in the thigh by a Turkish sniper in Monash Valley. He died on 18 May on his way to Egypt aboard the hospital ship Gascon. His last words were: Anzac Day Turkey Tours