Anzac Day Tours Gallipoli

Anzac Day Tours Gallipoli The Australian 2nd Brigade (Victoria) – 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Battalions – attacked Turkish positions at Krithia in the British area at Helles. The attack was unsuccessful. Charles Bean wrote….

ANZAC graves at Gallipoli.

The stone houses of Krithia were still 2000 yards away, but in advancing 1000 yards the brigade, already reduced at Anzac to 2900 men, lost in one short hour another 1000….

A party from the 15th Battalion (Queensland, Tasmania) crept out at night and captured the Turkish trench in front of Quinn’s Post. Next morning they were driven back with many men wounded as they ran for the Australian line. Lieutenant Francis Armstrong, of Brisbane, was killed as he tried to climb out of his trench to rescue the wounded. Anzac Day Tours Gallipoli