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Anzac Day Tours I meet a Young man and he ask me Why women liked to hugg/cuddle more than men.

Here is the answer. Enjoy!!! Perhaps you can learn something useful for your live.

I hope you are well. It was nice meeting you.


When we met, you asked me why women liked to hugg/cuddle more than men , I avoided your question. In this mail I will try to give you an answer to your question.

When it comes to animals , the lower their spices are in the rank , the more they polinate/have sexual contact ( the developed animals are higher in the rank and the lower developed spices like snakes/rats/rabbits are lower in rank)

When it comes to sexuality :
Look at the rats and the rabbits, they practise this all the time (pollinating). When a animal spieces is high up in rank this is different.: For exempel the lion. The lioness women are only available for the lion man only once a year- and then only because she wants to get pregnant. So the lion man takes care of several female lion so he can pollinate all the year!

This is true about most of the animal spices- that the male run around polinating while the woman is waiting and saving herself for the polination act- so that the species can go on/new animals can come to the world and their species can survive. During the time that she is not active with polination she is cuddeling very much with her children and gives friendship to the others in the group but she does not want to be polinated. Anzac Tours 2015

With this said- one can wonder where the human race belongs in this animal rank??
If the human man and the woman have a jinn inside them – they become like the animals on the lowest place in the animal rank. Jinn is usually snakes, scorpions and different animals /spirit-beings you can imagine. It exists even water spirits ( they are often snakes also) who posses people. As you understand it is almost impossible to put this possessed people in a rank The best way is maybe to classify them as “possesed people”. The possession makes them to behave like animals without any conscience.

As you know the animal have no conscience. This is the difference between animals and the human race. Anzac Tours 2015

When it comes to (human) woman – they perfer to be in friendeship relationsship and cuddle and hugg , since the human race is higher in rank than animals. This is generelly true of human woman unless they are possesed with spirit of “lust” or “seduction”The human race is actually on the top of this rank and is the most developed species.

I hope you have found an answer to your question now? Maybe it sounds strange to you? This is the easiest and shortest answer I can give to you on a complicatesd question you asked. It was difficult for me to answer you in english , that is the reason I did not answer your question when you asked.

Here you have another video that shows the spirit of seduction/lust in a woman.
(Lady Given Mission to Destroy Men. Deliverens TB Joshua)

Thank you for the Pizza, I was so busy with talking that I almost forgot eating it! It takes a big effort to talk in another language when you are not familiar with it like in my case. I hope you survived….
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Have a good day and take care.