Anzac day 2016 Turkey

Anzac day 2016 Turkey At 2.30 pm, the 57th Regiment attacked in six waves, advancing down Battleship Hill. In view of the British naval forces, HMS Queen Elizabeth put six 15-in shells amongst the Ottoman lines, scattering them and breaking up the attack. The Ottomans resumed the attack at the Nek under the cover of darkness but were driven off by 10 pm. The 3rd Battalion of the Ottoman 72nd Regiment attempted to attack across the ‘Chessboard’ against Pope’s Hill but were caught in enfilading fire from a small Australian outpost near Quinn’s. Gallipoli 2016 tours Turkey Elsewhere the Ottomans were able to get close, but not break into, the Anzac posts along the second ridge. At 11 am a large force had advanced across Lone Pine towards the Australian line but were driven off by noon. After nightfall, an Ottoman attack was made against Bolton’s Ridge but, aided by field artillery firing over open sights, drove the attackers off, despite getting to within 25 yards (23 m) of the Australian trenches. For the time being, the Anzac landing was safe.


Anzac Cove after the landing – site of supply dumps, headquarters, hospitals and a swimming beach Anzac Day Tour

On 28 April the Anzacs were reinforced by the arrival of four battalions of the Royal Naval Division (RND); the Chatham, Portsmouth and Deal Battalions of the Royal Marines Brigade and the Nelson Battalion of the 1st Royal Naval Brigade. These were sent in along the second ridge and 400 Plateau to relieve the Australian 1st and 3rd Brigades which had been under constant pressure since the landing. The relieved brigades attempted to reorganise on the beach. Anzac day 2016 Turkey