Ephesus Shore Tours

Ephesus Shore Tours The stage was decorated with columns, relief, statues and niches. over the years, the stage was heightened to three storey levels which was accessible by ramps on the side. It was an outdoor theater and the audience could see the outdoor environment as well just like the theaters in those times.

It is definitely worth visiting. Take Private Ephesus Tours or the Ephesus shore excursions to visit this place and witness one of the wonders of the world which will take your breath away.


Although all the other historical monuments and artifacts are in ruins, you would find the gate of Mazaeus and Mithridates to be in very good condition as recently restoration work has been carried on it to restore it and prevent it from ruining.

Ephesus site is really worth seeing as it is the finest example of architecture of those ancient times. This gate was built in 3 BC and was dedicated to Augustus and Agrippa by two rich men, Mazaeus and Mithridates. This gate is entirely made of marble and it is really amazing to see such an ancient monument still preserved in good condition. Ephesus Shore Tours