Anzac Day Tours İn Turkey

Anzac Day Tours İn Turkey Corporal J Slack, 15th Battalion (Queensland, Tasmania), of Wellington, New South Wales, a miner by trade, while lying on the floor of a forward ‘sap’ at Quinn’s Post, heard the noise of picks tunnelling underground towards the Australian position. This was the first indication of mining operations at Anzac which were aimed at tunneling close to an enemy trench and then using an explosion to break into it.

Gallipoli, Anzac Cove - Anzac Day 2007, People walking to Lone Pine ServiceA truce allowed the Turks to bury their dead lying in no-man’s-land between the trenches. Because of the summer heat the bodies had begun to rot and the smell was overpowering.

Commencement of a factory at Anzac Cove to make periscope rifles. This device, which allowed a soldier to aim and fire at the enemy from his trench without showing himself, was invented by Lance-Corporal W C B Beech, 2nd Battalion (New South Wales), of Sydney.